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From NEDC: http://www.nedc.com.au/communicating-about-eating-disorders


Eating disorders are often misunderstood and underestimated in our society.

Common myths about eating disorders include:

  • Eating disorders are not serious; they are a lifestyle choice or about vanity.
  • Dieting is a normal part of life
  • Eating disorders are a cry for attention or a person ‘going through a phase’
  • Families, particularly mothers, are to blame for eating disorders
  • Eating disorders only affect white, middle class females, particularly adolescent girls

In order to dispel these myths and approach eating disorders correctly, appropriate messages should be combined with effective engagement strategies to help the media and various institutions and providers educate the community about eating disorders and work towards prevention and intervention.

The information within this section will help guide teachers, government representatives, non-government organisations and those in the education, health, sport, fitness, media, beauty and fashion industries to implement appropriate communication campaigns and programs using evidence-based guidelines.

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