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One of the best resource links on the website for eating disorders.

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1. Top 10 Tips for Eating Disorder Recovery – from Eating Disorder Hope

 Work with an eating disorder specialist treatment team if at all possible, if not, seek out some of the many wonderful self help programs available to assist you in recovery.
  1. Develop self acceptance through practicing compassion toward self.
  2. Develop a positive and self nurturing internal dialogue.
  3. Get treatment for co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression.
  4. Practice mindfulness and living in the moment.
  5. Listen to and honor your feelings.
  6. Eat well and listen to your body’s hunger and fullness signs.
  7. Accept your genetic makeup and appreciate your body.
  8. Have a relapse prevention or correction plan.
  9. Develop faith and trust in God and let go of what you cannot control.

2. Katie Morton – Healthy Mind Healthy Body
My name is Kati Morton and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern who specializes in eating disorders. Katie has a blog, videos, workbooks and a huge range of other resources for eating disorder recovery. Worth looking at.

3. Get Self Help UK – Cognitive Therapy Behaviour website

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) has been proven to help mental health problems.  This website offers CBT self-help information, resources and including therapy worksheets. It cover everything – anxieties, eating disorders, anger, depression, suicidal thoughts, stress, sleep, trauma – the list goes on. (This was from our counsellor). 

4. Strategies for Building Self-Esteem – Body Matters website [pdf]

  • Affirmations
  • Act ‘as if’
  • Be willing to challenge the ‘Eating Disorder Voice’
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Be willing to challenge negative coping strategies
  • Make choices and actions that are in tune with your core values
  • Set aside a designated time you don’t have to be perfect: the 3 month experiment
  • Look after your body
  • Change your expectations
  • Celebrate your successes

Body Matters Resources – these guys do it well. Blog, diaries, worksheets, information sheets, good health and body advice. Really well done.

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